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1)  Exposure!  With over 90-100kk views per month, your product will be viewed by thousands of archery consumers monthly.

2)  Impartial reviews; at Archery Report products are reviewed and facts are stated.  We refuse to be partial to any company.

3)  Products are analyzed with a critical eye towards the physics and engineering behind them (where applicable).  Archery Report reviews are not fluff jobs, but rather in-depth reviews that take a hard look at functionality, data and how your product will affect your customers.

4)  Over fifteen years of mechanical engineering experience in design, manufacturing and testing.  I have experience in all aspects of bringing a product to market and the knowledge to carry out effective and meaningful tests.  Add this on top of several years of archery pro-shop experience and over thirty years of shooting bows and arrows.

What is required to get a product reviewed? *

A sample of the product and a couple minutes of your time, that’s it!

If you are interested in having your product reviewed, or have any questions, use the contact form to send a message and get a response generally within 24 hours.
*Archery Report reserves the right to refuse to review any product.  If you have a viable, safe product, this should not be an issue.