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Everyone has at least an arrow or two that has wrinkled, out-of-shape vanes that could use a little sprucing up.  These three methods will help you salvage your plastic arrow vanes.

Vanes can be damaged, wrinkled and deformed by rest contact, shooting through target media or being stored in a smashed orientation.  These vanes can be unsightly, noisier and even have an effect on accuracy.  Fixing them is often quick, easy and cheap.

Straightening arrow vanes: blow dryer method

Nearly every house has a blow dryer somewhere and it is a simple and very effective way to take out wrinkles in arrow vanes.  Most dryers have multiple heat settings, some of which can actually melt the arrow vane so start at the lowest heat setting and work your way up until you find the right one.  You can also experiment with the distance you hold the dryer to the vane.  Turn the dryer on and run the it back and forth across the vane, heating the entire vane evenly.   The vane should straighten out in under a minute.

This is my personally favorite method and tends to work the best for me on a variety of arrow vanes.

Straighten arrow vanes with blow dryer

Straightening arrow vanes: lighter method

This method works great in the field and can be done at a moments notice.  It can be slightly more risky and somewhat messier, depending on the quality of your lighter and its fuel.  Run the lighter flame up and down the length of the vane, fairly quickly, to heat it evenly without melting or burning the vane.  There may be some black discoloration on the vane when you are done, but this can usually be cleaned off with some soap and water or better, a little alcohol.

Straighten arrows vanes with lighter

Straightening arrow vanes: boiling water method

Some types of vanes can be stubborn to straightening and this method will often work for them.  There are two variations to this method.  The first is to take a cup of water that is tall enough to submerged the enter end of arrow and vanes in water.  Fill it up and microwave to boiling.  Submerge the arrow/vanes in the cup and let it sit for a couple of minutes.  Remove and let it cool down and the vanes should straighten out.

The second variation is to bring a pot of water to boil and hold the damaged vanes over the pot in the steam.  Rotate the arrow shaft and vanes in the steam until they straighten out.  Do not submerge and leave the arrow in a continuously boiling pot as this may soften and weaken some types of glue.

Straighten arrow vanes water method

That’s all there is to it!  Three simple ways to fix up damaged arrow vanes that will save the effort and cost of re-fletching them.

Staightened Vane


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