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Lots of new bows for 2013.  Check back as more information and bows are added!


Alpine Archery (2013 Alpine Archery Page)

Alpine is the first to release their 2013 line this year and has some interesting updates.  Earlier in the year (June) they released the Verdict and have since added the Roxstar.  The Fireball and Silverado (now in blackout) have returned for the new year.

Bear Archery (2013 Bear Archery Page)

Bear looks to have an amazing line for 2013.  With 5 new bows with all new designs, they have a lot to offer. Click through to see their new line!

Diamond Archery (2013 Diamond Archery Page)

2013 brings three new bows to the Diamond Archery stable: the Core, Infinite Edge and Atomic.  Also making an appearance for another year is the popular Outlaw.

Elite Archery (2013 Elite Archery Page)

Elite has re-designed the very popular Hunter bow  for 2013.  They have also introduce Cerakote ceramic coatings to their cams, modules, cable rods and string supressors, as well as switching to well-known Winner’s Choice bow strings.

Hoyt Archery (2013 Hoyt Archery Page)

Hoyt Archery’s  product release for 2013 includes the new Spyder series of bows, updated Carbon bows, the economically friendly Charger and Charger packages and a new target bow, the ProComp Elite.  With the new product year Hoyt has also introduced the all new AirShox  and returned to a wooden grip, the Pro-Fit Custom Grip. Hit the link above for all the details.

Mathews Inc. (2013 Mathews Page)

Mathews has releases three new bows for 2013.  The Creed which is a hybrid of the Z7 and Monster series, the Chill, a 30″ ATA version of the Monster line (something many have been asking for) and the ZXT, an Z7 with the more budget conscious in mind.

Prime (G5) Archery (2013 Prime Archery page)

Prime has released three new bows for 2013, including their much anticipated target bow!

PSE Archery (2013 PSE Archery page)

PSE has a bunch of new bows and technologies for 2013.  Check them out!

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