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UPDATE:  Bowtech has now released that it is in fact, the Bowtech Destroyer LE, which is essentially a D350.

2013 Bowtech Destroyer LE
2013 Bowtech Destroyer LE

IBO Speed: 350 FPS
Axle Length: 32 3/8″
Brace Height: 6”
Draw Length: 25” to 30”
Peak Draw Weights: 60, 70 lbs.
Riser: machined aluminum
Cam system: binary (Overdrive)
Weight: 4.1 lbs.
Let-Off: 80%
MSRP: $849





This new version of the Destroyer sports a black-out look with red highlights.  There are also new graphics on the limbs.  Other than that, it appears to be the same as the original Destroyer 350.  This, in my opinion, is a very good thing!  The D350 is still my favorite Bowtech of all time and in my testing has been the best performing Bowtech ever.

Original post:

In true Bowtech fashion, they’ve kicked off the new product year with another teaser video. Sent out to their email list and featured on the Bowtech homepage, this first video touts “The Bow that Started it All” and features a “Limited Edition” bow to be revealed on October 1st.

The bow in the video is obviously a Destroyer 350 and it appears to be making some kind of comeback, though perhaps limited.  This is fine with me as the Destroyer 350 is by far my favorite Bowtech of all time and, in my opinion and testing, their best performing bow overall.  From the video it is apparent the bow is a 350, though perhaps there is something for the 340 coming as well.

So why “The bow that started it all” when the Destroyer is a relatively new bow?  My guess would be it’s because of the OverDrive binary cam system, FLX Guard and Hardcore limbs that are now featured on all of their top-line bows.

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