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It was just about a year ago that Archery Report reviewed Vendetta Archery’s Enforcer stabilizer.  At that time, I thought it was one of the best stabilizers ever made for the 12″ and under class and now Vendetta is back with a new version of the Enforcer, which includes the new Bullet Proof Head.  Can a great stabilizer be made better?  Read on!

Vendetta Enforcer with Bullet Proof Head

The Enforcer Stabilizer  with Bullet Proof Head construction and overview

All of the basic specs of the Enforcer with Bullet Proof Head remain the same from the original version, which you can read about in the first review of the Enforcer.  The base rod remains unchanged and the full package comes in 6, 8, 10 and 12 inch total length versions.  This base rod is constructed of a high-modulus, woven carbon tube that is capped with lightweight aluminum end caps that are threaded.

What has undergone a drastic change in construction is the t-shaped head.  Before the head consisted of central aluminum hub with two short carbon tubes and aluminum end caps to hold the weight.  There were all of these parts bonded and screwed together to make the full head.  The new Bullet Proof Head is a single piece of machined aluminum that is slotted and threaded to fit the base rod and weights.

The new head also has an additional feature; the center is slotted with distinct positions that allow the head to be offset from the center of the base rod.  This gives additional versatility in adjustment in addition to the ability to add different amounts of weight to each side.  All of this adds up to a very stout, solid and “Bullet Proof” system that is extremely adjustable and durable.  Add in the fact that the head is available in both 3.5″ and 5″ versions, and there is a configuration for every shooter.

Another difference with the new versions of the Enforcer are that the weights are no longer aluminum, but are steel and much thinner for the same weight.  The attaching set screw has also been bumped up in size to match the standard 5/16 x 24 thread that is used throughout the stabilizer and to attach to the bow.

The individual component weights as I weighed them are as follows:

  • Base rod: 2.7 oz.
  • 3 1/2″ head: 2.45 oz.
  • 5″ head: 3.55 oz.
  • Full standard version (two 2 oz. weights per side): 16.0 oz.

Vendetta Enforcer with Bullet Proof Head

Setup and balancing the Enforcer

Each Enforcer comes with your choice of the 3.5″ or 5″ head with four 2 oz. weights.  There is also a package that includes both heads for those that may want to experiment or use different heads for different purposes.  Vendetta set me up with the works; both heads and plenty of weight to keep me happy for all my shooting needs.

At first I set up the stabilizer in the same manner as my previous version, with the head centered, 6 oz. on one side and 4 oz. on the other.  I also chose the larger 5″ head as I am a big fan of not only pushing the weight as far from the bow as possible, but also as much to side as possible.

By having a light base and long “T” at the end, it gives the weight a larger effect since it has a longer lever arm to work with.  Just like when using a block and tackle, the longer the lever arm the larger the effect of the force on the end has.  This translates into a stabilizer that has a stronger balancing affect on the bow.  Because of this design, it is easier for the archer to remain steady and a shorter stabilizer can have the effect of a much longer stabilizer.

With the Enforcer on my Bowtech Destroyer 350, it balances well with the two extra weights on one side to counteract the weight of the sight and rest.  When my hunting quiver is attached, I find that moving to three weights on one side and six or seven on the other works well.  The beauty of the enforcer is that with it’s ability to adjust quickly, it can be adapted to just about any shooting situation.

The other option to having different amounts of weight on either side is to move the entire head back to be offset.  By putting five ounces of weight on both sides and moving the head off center one slot, I was able to have approximately the same effect as different weights.  The Enforcer’s discrete positions give the head a positive lock, rather than having one long, smooth slot.  Once in place, this “Bullet Proof” head isn’t going anywhere.

Because of the lightweight base and minimal head weight, there is a huge range of balance and total weight options available.  This is what really makes the Enforcer shine as a versatile and adaptable stabilizer.  With bases lengths of 6 to 12″, there should be a configuration that will fit any archer.

Vendetta Enforcer: Bullet Proof Head sizes

Shooting the Enforcer

Now the fun part, shooting!  As I have stated in the original review, this stabilizer is pure pleasure to shoot.  The design makes it incredibly stable and resistant to torque and movement.  If you have never shot a heavily end weight stabilizer before, the immediate effect is very different.  Add in the “T” head with the weighted ends and it is a whole new feel.  Many people will pick up my setup and immediately feel that there is something totally foreign about the feel of the weight distribution.

All I can say about the feels is that it has a simply amazing balance and is rock steady to aim and shoot with.  I like a lot of weight on my stabilizers and don’t mind hauling the extra ounces, even through the woods when hunting.  With the ability to really load up the weight along with balancing the bow to perfection, this is one stabilizer that really does it’s job.

While the main aim of the Enforcer is not to reduce vibration, it does help minimize the vibration felt on the shot.  I have tried it on several brands and models of bows and it does a good job of helping to dampen any unpleasant, residual vibration.

One note:  some organizations and tournaments require that stabilizers in the BHFS class be weighted symmetrically.  Be aware that if you come across such a situation you will have to evenly balance the weights on both ends.

Availability and Pricing

The Enforcer is currently available from VendettaArchery.net and a few select dealers listed on the website.  For $99 you can purchase the standard unit in 6, 8, 10 or 12″ with either the 3.5″ or 5″ head.  This set comes with four 2 oz. weights for a total of 8 oz. additional weight.  There is also a combination package with both the 3.5″ and 5″ head available for $119 and additional weights can be purchased as well.

Vendetta Enforcer with Bullet Proof Head

Summary and final words

As with the original Enforcer, the new version with the Bullet Proof Head is an excellent stabilizer.  It does exactly what a stabilizer is supposed to do, that is help the archer hold the bow steady.  With the advent of the new head, their is a minimal amount of parts and there is very little, if anything, to go wrong.  The new head gives a better overall look to the stabilizer as a whole and has a better aesthetic flow to the appearance.  I am also a fan of the newer steel weights that are thinner and more sleek.

While the original was a great looking stabilizer, the new version is even more so.  The reduced complexity, increased set screw size on the weights and off-set capability of head are all welcome improvements.  Not to mention that the stabilizer makes a great kickstand for your bow!

This is one product that I have no hesitation in recommending.  It is a little pricier than the average stabilizer, but as with many things in life you get what you pay for.  Spending hundreds, often over a $1000, on a bow is not uncommon these days and spending around a hundred bucks to make that bow as steady as possible is a worthy investment.

What I like about the Enforcer

  • Excellent quality
  • Simplicity of the design
  • Unique look
  • Infinite weight and balance adjustability
  • Stable, just a like the name stabilizer implies

What I dislike or could use improvement about the Enforcer

  • No packaged quick release option
  • Lining up the crossbar a little tricky
  • Reduces the excuses I can use for missing


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