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Mission is introducing two new bows for 2012, the Rally and the Riot.

The Rally is a dual-cam bow with more traditional style limbs (non-parallel) that has an amazing range of draw lengths and weights, from 22″ to 30″ and 26 lbs. to 70 lbs.  It has a generous ATA of 37″ and a brace height of 7 1/4″, reaching max speeds of 300 FPS.  All this for $499.

The Riot is a shorter bow in the same vein as the Rally, but with parallel limbs and obviously aimed squarely at hunters who want a ton of adjustability.  It has a range of 19″ to 30″ and 15 lbs. to 70 lbs.  With an ATA of 31″, brace height of 7″ with speeds up to 310 FPS, it retails for $399.

What makes these bows different is the amazing amount of adjustment that is available on them.  The Riot is similar in adjustment design to last year’s Craze, though the bow is longer and faster and includes a string stop.  All of the adjustment range, both draw weight and draw length is done without changing components.  Rally bows are a bit different, in that to change the draw weight range, a module must be changed on the cam.  However, the Rally maintains it’s draw length adjustment of 22 to 30″ across all draw weights.  This makes these two bows able to truly fit a huge range of sizes and strengths of archers or serve to grow with a young archer for a very long time.


2012 Mission Archery Rally2012 Mission Rally

Speed: up to 300 FPS
Axle Length 37″
Brace Height 7 1/4”
Draw Length 22” to 30”
Peak Draw Weights: 26 to 70 lbs.
Weight 4.0 lbs.
Let-Off  up to 75%
MSRP $499





2012 Mission Archery Riot2012 Mission Riot

Speed: up to 310 FPS
Axle Length 31″
Brace Height 7”
Draw Length 19” to 30”
Peak Draw Weights: 15 to 70 lbs.
Weight 4.3 lbs.
Let-Off  up to 80%
MSRP $399





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