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Bear Archery’s big news for the year is the introduction of the Anarchy.  In these times when bow ATAs seem to be shrinking faster than new cotton t-shirts, Bear has listened to many archers and come out with a mid-length ATA in the Anarchy, which is comes in at 35 1/4″.  It’s no slouch in the speed department either, being rated at 340 FPS with a generous brace height of 7 1/4″.

As an archer with a longer draw length (30 inches) I am not a fan of the current trend of shrinking ATAs and tend to like a bow with an ATA of at least 33″.  Longer bows are inherently more stable, tend to be easier to balance and allow those of us with longer draws to put the string on our noses without moving our heads.  I was extremely glad to hear that Bear had decided to put out a longer bow as their flagship for 2012.

The origin of this bow comes from Bear listening to what their customers wanted compared to what was currently available to purchase.  According to Bear, the requests were for a longer ATA, forgiving brace height and a straighter riser with less reflex.  Thus the Anarchy was born!

2012 Bear Anarchy Specs

Speed: 340 FPS
Axle Length 35 1/4″
Brace Height 7 1/4”
Draw Length 25” to 31” 1/2
Peak Draw Weights: 50, 60, 70 lbs.
Weight 3.8 lbs.
Let-Off  80%

2012 Bear Anarchy

2012 Bear Archery Flat Top Cam









2012 Bear Anarchy Options, Pricing and Availability

The Anarchy is available in both RealTree APG and the all black Shadow Series.  As with last year’s Carnage, the Anarchy is only available as a bare bow and not with the RTH (Ready To Hunt) package that is available with other Bear bows.

At a price point of $899, it is definitely in the upper class of pricing for bows, but on paper it has the specs to justify the cost when compared to other top-tier bows.  As of this writing, some people have already spotted the Anarchy in pro-shops and a few have already purchased the bow.

It also has two available grip options, either a set of small side panels or a thin over-molded grip.  Both are held on by two small screws on each side and appear to be interchangeable.

2012 Bear Anarchy Features and Technology

New for 2012 and only available on the Anarchy is the Flat Top Cam.  This single, perimeter weighted cam sports a unique flat section that in theory contributes to a smooth draw while maintaining an IBO rating of 340 FPS.  Draw length adjustments appear to be made by using interchangeable mods on the cam; I’ll have to verify this.

All-machined riser, stainless steel bushings and bearings, dual string suppressors (branded Dual Arc Offset String Suppressors) and a 4×4 (8 sealed bearings) roller guard contribute to this bow’s features.  The Anarchy sports pre-loaded, split limbs much like the Carnage, but there is less pre-load than on the Carnage.

2012 Bear Anarchy Reviews

Initial reports from those that have shot the Anarchy are that it is indeed a very smooth, quiet bow to shoot.  Shooters have been impressed with how it holds, draws and shoots.  A few have run the bow through a chronograph and found that for adjusted IBO specs for draw weight/length and arrow weight, it appears to be hitting somewhere at or just above 330 FPS, usually with a d-loop and peep installed.

Archery Report Anarchy review coming in the future.

For now, take a look at this information from Bear’s webisodes 10 and 12:

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