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Vendetta Archery recently introduce their new stabilizer, “The Enforcer.”  By taking the concept of pushing the weight away from the center axis of rotation another step, the Enforcer seeks to maximize stability by minimizing and side to side motion or torquing from the archer.

Enforcer contstruction

Enforcer construction

The Enforcer Stabilizer Construction and Overview

Available in 6, 8, 10 and 12″, the Enforcer is built with hunters, 3D and target BHFS shooters in mind.  The main rod and cross beam are made of a woven carbon tube, with aluminum connecting pieces and steel end weights.  The concept is to minimize weight everywhere except for the ends where it is most useful.

The stock configuration comes with two double-stack weights and two single-stack weights with a total weight of about 9 oz.   Knowing that I personally prefer even more weight, Vendetta sent a bunch of extra weights for this testing.  Overall length is right at 11 3/4″ to the end of the bolt for the version I have.  If you are shooting BHFS and are limited to 12″, this fits the bill with a tad to spare.  However, if you wish to add a quick disconnect to your bow, you will have to look at the 10″ version plus the length of the adapter.

Because of the “T” style of the Enforcer, the bulk of the weight is located as far from the center of rotation as possible.  This allows for more resistance to movement of the bow and in theory should provide a more stable shooting platform.  Also, it is possible to weight one side more than the other to better balance any accessories on the bow.  (However, some tournament rules state that stabilizers must be symmetric so be sure to check the rules before shooting an offset weight setup!)

Available weight options

Additional weight options, single or double stack and combinations

Availability and Pricing

As of this writing, Vendetta Archery products are only sold through their website, www.vendettaarchery.net. The Enforcer retails for$107.95 for the standard 6, 8, 10, or 12″ version.  Additional weights are available for separate purchase.

Setup and First Impressions of the Enforcer

The Enforcer come with two main pieces, the main rod and cross bar.  Attached to both ends of the crossbar are two base weights, equivalent to a double stack weight.  Also included in the base model are two single stack weights which can be put on either or both sides.

My first impression was that the stabilizer looks very well built.  The woven carbon tubes look great and the connecting pieces are finely done and fit well.

Enforcer with standard weights

Enforcer with standard weights

Shooting and Testing the Enforcer

I initially installed the Enforcer on my Bowtech Destroyer 350 in the default configuration.  It felt good and balanced well, but it was obvious that for my personal tastes that I was going to need more weight.  After playing around a bit with different configurations, I ended up with a total of 6 weights on the left side and 4 on the right which gives my bow a perfect balance.  The extra weight on the left offset my sight and rest nicely.

Not matter how well the bow may feel when balancing the stabilizer, nothing much matters until you are at full draw and putting the pin on the target.  This stabilizer feels great and I can honestly say it balances better than anything else I have shot.  Putting the weight as far from the horizontal center as possible makes it keeping the bow centered more easily accomplished.  The extended arms have a definite, different feel from a stabilizer that is symmetric about its center axis.  It’s easy to feel the difference immediately when picking the bow up.  Most of people that have picked my bow up thought it felt great immediately, a few weren’t so sure.  It will take most people several shots to decide if the feel is for them, but I would bet most will end up liking the Enforcer if given a chance.


Vendetta Enforcer installed on Bowtech Destroyer

Vendetta Enforcer installed on Bowtech Destroyer

Shooting with the Enforcer stabilizer is as good of an experience as simply holding it.  It holds very steady and on the shot the torqueing, twisting motion of the bow while aiming is minimized.  This is only something that can be subjectively felt and is hard to show or describe in words, but I know when something feels good.  I shot the Enforcer stabilizer back to back with the Smooth Stability that I had previously reviewed (originally designed by the same person, for the record) and I can definitely say the the Enforcer wins my vote.  The difference is not huge as the Smooth Stability stabilizer is a great product, but my preference is for the Enforcer.

Summary and Final Words

Overall this stabilizer is an excellent design and I would not hesitate to recommend it.  It will garner some funny looks when you pull it out at the range, but that just makes for a great conversation starter.  As an added bonus, it serves as a tripod that works quite well to hold your bow up!

One thing that I would really like to see is a package that include a quick disconnect.  Because the crossbar must be lined up the same way to be consistent each time you shoot, setting it in place and using a quick disconnect would be very nice and convenient.  I would also be beneficial to those who would like to see a version as close to 12″ as possible with the quick disconnect included.  The only other minor gripe I had is that some of the threads on the weights had a little powder coating in them that had to be worked through in order to screw things together.

If you want something unique that looks good and works great, this is definitely a stabilizer you should look at.  The ability to add weight to both sides to balance things perfectly while keeping the weight as far from the axis of rotation makes for a very stable shooting platform, exactly what a stabilizer should be designed to accomplish.

Enforcer as a tripod!

Enforcer as a tripod!

What I like about the Enforcer

  • Excellent quality
  • Unique look
  • Plenty of weight and balance capability
  • Stable, just a like the name stabilizer implies

What I dislike or could use improvement about the Enforcer

  • No included quick release option
  • Lining up the crossbar a little tricky
  • Powder coating in the threads

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