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For specific pages on the Invasion and Assassin bows, please visit:

2011 Bowtech Invasion
2011 Bowtech Assassin

UPDATE 01/06/11:  The Invasion is officially released!  It looks like the bow will have an IBO rating of 343 fps at a brace height of 7″ and ATA of 31 1/4″.  The appearance is that it is a center pivot bow with split limbs.  The bow will be available in drawlengths of 26 to 30″ and weights from 50 to 80 lbs.

2011 Bowtech Invasion

Speed 343 FPS
Let-Off  80%
Draw Length 26” to 30”
Brace Height 7”
Weight 3.9 lbs.
Axle Length 31 1/32″
MSRP $899

Images Courtesy of Archery Talk

The riser is Bowtech’s  CPX (Center Pivot Extreme) and reaches way back onto the limbs.  The cams look decidedly Destroyer-like and are part of the Overdrive Binary family.  The limbs are pre-loaded split limbs and there is a  FLX Guard in use as well.

Bowtech non-camouflage colors for 2011

2011 Bowtech Teaser Assassin videos

2011 Bowtech Assassin Video 2

(those boys sure like their jerky!)

2011 Bowtech Assassin Video 3

(more…raccoon jerky?)

2011 Bowtech Assassin Video Final

(what?!?! no jerky??)

Pictures and a few specs have now leaked about a three new Bowtech bows:  the Specialist, Assassin and HeartBreaker.  Here are a bunch of pictures, and some information on the specs (these are now official specs from the Bowtech Site):

2011 Bowtech Specialist

Speed 330 FPS
Let-Off  65-80%
Draw Length 26” to 30.5”
Brace Height 7.5”
Weight 4.1 lbs.
Axle Length 37.5
MSRP $949

2011 Bowtech Assassin

The Assassin will be sold as a package deal for around $600-$650 and looks to be a great deal for anyone looking for the complete deal (RAK – Ready, Aim, Kill!)  Some Assassins are already being sent to local pro shops, so keep your eyes peeled for one near you.

Speed 333 FPS
Let-Off 65-80%
Draw Length 26-30”
Brace Height 7”
Weight 3.8 lbs.
Axle to Axle Length 30 5/8″
MSRP $649

2011 Bowtech HeartBreaker

Ladies and short draw archers will be happy to see the specs on the 2011 HeartBreaker.  Apparently it will come as a RAK package, similar to the Assassin.

Speed 305 FPS (@27″)
Let-Off 65-80%
Draw Length 22.5” to 27″
Brace Height 7”
Weight 3.7 lbs.
Axle Length 30 1/4″
MSRP $649

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