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Patsy Bear Archery Products (I love that name!) has a nifty little gadget called the Might Magnetic Release Aid Holder.  Have you ever had trouble (not me!) keeping track of your non-wrist strap release?  Do you set it down and forget where it was or randomly stick it in different pockets of your cargo pants?  Does it end up on your dresser, on top of the refrigerator, in your archery tackle box, quiver or some other strange place?  OK, I admit it, I spend a lot of time tracking down my releases because I continually put them in strange places or take them out of my pockets full intending to remember where I put them down.

Ray of Patsy Bear Archery Products has obviously had some of the same issues as I have and came up with a nifty little gadget to keep track errant releases, the Mighty Magnetic Release Aid Holder.  The principle is simple, put a fairly strong magnet onto a rubber base that can either slide over a standard cable guard or be positioned into one of the many holes in a bow’s riser.  Once in place, the archer simply sticks their release onto the magnet when not shooting and it’s always there, ready for the next shot.

Installation is a snap on a bow with a 3/8″ cable guard.  Just slip on the rubber boot and it’s ready to go.  I did notice after the first couple of shots that the boot was too far forward and my cable slide would hit it at full draw.  To fix this I pulled the boot out about 1/4″ where it didn’t hit the slide and it hasn’t moved from that position after around two hundred shots.  The rubber boot is flexible and stout enough to stay in place even when not pushed all the way onto the cable guard.

The only trouble I had with the holder is that it too me awhile to break my habit of shoving my release into any random pocket as I finish shooting.  Once I was used to using the holder, it was simple, easy and effective.  The magnet is strong enough to securely hold any of my Carter releases and should work similarly for any release that uses steel for the trigger, hook, hinge or other parts (which is most releases.)  It even survived the shake test where I violently shook my bow in an attempt to get the release to fall off.  Nothing short of whipping the bow around as fast as I could and stopping suddenly could get the release to come off.

If you like gadgets and have trouble keeping track of your release, this is a great little tool.  I’ll be using it on my spots bow and hopefully not loosing track of my release again!

Mighty Magnetic Release Aid Holders can be found at Patsy Bear Archery Products for $25.

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