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With all of my recent emphasis on 300 in 300 days, the bulk of my shooting practice has been with my target bow and scope.  The progress has been going quite well in that aspect of my shooting.  However, I have been shooting 3D leagues for three weeks now and the results have been less than stellar.  One big difference is that while I am shooting very similar bows (Hoyt Ultra Elite XT3000 for target and Ultra Elite XT2000 for 3D) one is setup for freestyle and the other for BHFS.  The scope on my target bow has a hollow circle for the aiming point that I look through the center of to line up on the “X” while the other bow uses 0.019″ pins.

So if I am progressing well with shooting and in particular back tension with one bow, why is my shooting seemingly going backwards with the other setup?  I believe the problem to be purely mental.  The shot execution feels good and seems to be working well and the arrows are going where the pin is.  However, the pin isn’t where it’s supposed to be!  There have definitely been a few errant shots that were simply poor execution, but most of the shots that are not 12s are solid shots, but not great ones.

The problem as far as I can tell is that I am able to put together the full shooting package with the target setup, but not with the 3D rig.  I have focused so much on execution on aiming with the scope that I took it for granted that it would transfer over to shooting pins.  For whatever reason, I’ve developed a mental block on being able to put the pin where it should be every time.  Perhaps this has to do with looking through the scope and being able to see the “X” and having to cover up the intended impact spot with the fiber optic.

Whatever the case, my mind is not currently up to the task and something has to be done.  I see a few choices that could be made.  One would be to consolidate the type of sight on both bows so that there is little to no difference between aiming them.  Another would be to use the same bow for both types of shooting.   It could also be possible to set the pin sight so that the pins sit just under where the arrow should be hitting, thus allowing for seeing the impact point rather than covering it up.  The last idea I have would be to push through the mental block on using two different sights.

Right now I am tending towards the last option or the first.  I really enjoy shooting BHFS for 3D and I am reluctant to change that.  It would be nice to be versatile enough to shoot both styles of sights as well.  For hunting I will definitely be using a pin sight and so if I were to consolidate the sight types it would mean moving to a single fiber pin in my scope for the freestyle shooting.  Now that I have a good grip on what the problem is, it’s now a matter of choosing the solution…

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