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killer_stabs_logoKiller Stabs is a custom stabilizer company looking to make their mark on the market with a unique look and quality workmanship.  I was sent a 9 oz. Killer Vibe stabilizer in black and red to test out.  The Killer Vibe have a look of its own that is stunning to see in person; the pictures do it no justice.  Read on to see if the beauty is skin deep or is there more to it.

Killer Vibe Construction and Overview

The Killer Vibe has a one inch diameter aluminum shell that is capped on the base with a small cylinder to hold the thread and a heavier weight on the tip for balance.  What makes the difference between this and other stabilizers of similar construction is the set of flutes cut along the length and the translucent rod inserted through the center.


A quality product requires a quality finish and the Killer Stab hits the nail on the head.  On my sample, the body is black with candy red end caps and a red translucent rod.   The finish is well done with no perceivable flaws.  All parts are solidly put together and there is very little that could go wrong with it.

Killer Stabs come in many length and weight combinations and can be custom ordered to the particular archer’s needs.  The Killer Vibe in particular comes in 12, 18 and 24″ lengths.

Shooting and Testing the Killer Vibekiller_vibe_2

The main bow used for testing is a Bowtech Destroyer 350 with several shots through a couple of Hoyt Ultra Elites and an Elite Envy.  I had originally planned on using the Envy for most of the testing, but once the red and black of the Killer Vibe was matched up with the red and black highlights of the Destroyer, it was obvious that the two looked great together and thus they have been mated for almost a month.

For me, a stabilizer’s job is to do just as the name implies, to stabilize the bow and minimize movement while aiming.  Many “stabilizers” don’t do this well, or even at all, and are more geared towards reducing vibration.  Besides the way the the two look together, the more important reason for mating the Killer Vibe with the Destroyer is that it the combination works very well.  The weight distribution of the 9 oz. Killer Vibe balances the Destroyer nearly perfectly for my liking.  If a stabilizer accomplishes the task of properly balancing a bow and can help reduce vibration and noise as well, all the better, but stabilization and balance must take precedence.

Shooting the Destroyer without a stabilizer is not bad, but certainly needs improvement.  Adding the Killer Vibe created a good balance of holding the bow steady but not adding too much weight to be uncomfortable.  By itself the Destroyer has little vibration; adding the Killer Vibe reduced what vibration was there noticeably.  I attribute this the the combination of the thin flutes and the thick o-ring around them.  I tried placing the o-ring in different places, but didn’t feel much difference.  However, when the o-ring was slid completely off of the flutes, there was more vibration.  I ended up leaving the o-ring centered along the flutes.


Final Words

It’s hard to get past the good looks of the Killer Vibe because they are such an important part of the design of the stabilizer.  However, the stabilizer is simple and elegant in design and performs very well.  There have been other stabilizers that I have liked and will continue to shoot, but I don’t think any of them can match the elegance and stunning design of the Killer Vibe.

If you not concerned with having a stabilizer takes out a lot of noise and vibration, but instead want a solid performer with amazing looks, the Killer Vibe may be for you.  The Killer Vibe can be ordered in about any length, weight and balance distribution so if you know what you want, this stabilizer would be an excellent choice.  With a plethora of color combinations including camouflage and about any other combo imaginable, surely any bow  and setup can be matched.

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