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I don’t believe there is hardly a person around that does not wish they had more time.  Personally, I could use about three more hours per day.  Archery, especially for the do-it-yourself person, can be very time consuming with all of the little things we are constantly tweaking and playing with.  One of the more time consuming tasks is fletching arrows, even more time if you are removing and applying wraps.  NAP’s QuikFletch system is one product that will fletch an arrow with a wrap in literally seconds per arrow, perhaps a minute for slow pokes.

The method behind the QuikFletch system is using shrink tube that serves as the arrow wrap and positions the vanes.  Each QuikFletch comes with the vanes already attached at the offset angle recommended by NAP.  If you have read Archery Report’s Fletching Review, you will recall that the NAP Quikspin vanes performed very well when fletched with a slight right offset.  QuikFletched arrows will be assured proper vane angle and spacing and you will not have to worry about getting the vanes perfectly spaced or seating properly.

Fletching with the NAP QuikFletch

To install the QuikFletch, the instructions say to slide the sleeve onto the arrow, dip into boiling water for ten seconds and let the arrow dry.  It’s that simple.  I added the step of cleaning my shafts with a little Ajax and a Scotch Brite pad using hot water.

When I put the sleeve on the first shaft I was pleasantly surprised to find that there is a tacky substance on the inside of the back of the sleeve.  This let me position the sleeve and hold it in place before putting it in the water.  After watching the videos at NAP I learned that this is the heat activated glue that bonds the sleeve to the shaft so that it will not slip during use.  I had originally planned to used a small piece of painter’s tape at the front of the sleeve to hold it down, but this ended up being unnecessary.  For the hot water I found a glass that was tall enough, filled it up and stuck it in the microwave.  The video shows the rest:

If you look closely you can see that the sleeve moved up from the back of the shaft slightly.  The total distance from the end was about 1/16″.  To get the sleeves perfectly even with the back of the shaft, they should be started overlapping just slightly.

The only other initial issue I had with the QuikFletches was the overabundance of black graphics.  There’s the NAP logo, QuikFletch logo on the wrap and the cock vane has the Quikspin ST Speed Hunter logo.  A little too much for my taste as I tend to like arrows with clean lines and minimize everything but my color scheme.  However, many people do like to dress up their arrows and NAP also offers the QuikFletch in Bone Collector, The Crush and Archer’s Choice varieties.

During the fletching review I weighed three QuikSpin ST Hunter vanes at barely under 20 grains.  The Quikfletch sleeve weighs approximately 30 grains, adding 10 more grains to the total weight.  A couple different versions of arrow wraps that I have weight from 15 to 20 grains.  The shrink wrap tubing is somewhat lighter than a standard wrap and this should be good news for those wishing to keep their FOC (front of center) while still having a high-visibility wrap on their shafts.

“Wrap up” of the QuickFletch

The QuikFletch vane system is great for anyone looking for a fast and easy way to fletch their own arrows.  They aren’t the cheapest method to fletch with on a per arrow basis, but when adding in the cost of glue, a fletching jig and your time, the price looks more attractive.  Currently a six pack of QuikFletches with Twister Vanes can be bought for $13.99  and QuikSpin Speed Hunters for $24.99:

New Archery Products QuikFletch 2” Twister Vanes

New Archery Products QuikFletch QuikSpin ST 2” SpeedHunter Vanes

These arrows will go in my quiver with my other test arrows and I’ll report back on their durability after 300 shots or so.

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