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The bodkin arrowhead was a very simple head made from square steel stock that was flattened on one end and rolled into a hollow section that was attached to the arrow shaft.  The other end was  sharpened into a point.  These arrowheads were used extensively in the middle ages.

Bodkin tipped arrows were used primarily as armor penetrating weapons and were able to penetrate chain mail and to some degree plate mail.  The elongated, sharpened point and thin head was able to penetrate and separate the links of chain mail.  Ideally bodkins were used against armored enemies and more traditional broadheads against unarmored.  The wider broadheads would do more damage to the flesh of an enemy, but did not penetrate armor as well.

As can be seen by this video, bodkins are relatively simple and quick to make:

Eventually higher quality plate mail reduced the effectiveness of the bodkin and later the increased use of firearms made the bodkin obsolete.  However, the bodkin was used over several hundred years in various forms and played a major part of medieval archery warfare.

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