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Mathews 2010 bow line has four new bows since last year and an update to a 2009 favorite.

The big bow announcement for 2010 is the introduction of the Z7. From an initial look at the specs and bow, the Z7 appears to gain most of it’s heritage from the Reezen series. The Reezens gained a lot of acclaim, but also a lot of criticism (mostly due to it’s apparent “harsh” draw). With an ATA of 30″, the Z7 is 2″ shorter than the Reezen and sports a 7″ brace height and 332 fps IBO rating. Most noticeable is the unique riser design that has been compared to anything from grills to waffle irons.

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The long awaited new target bow from Mathews became reality with the Conquest Triumph. Specs are 39″ ATA, 7″ brace height, 325 fps IBO and 4.6 lbs. It looks a lot like a stretched out Z7 and has an MSRP of $1299.

Mathews released a new bow aimed at their female customers, the Passion. It comes in draw lengths of 22.5-29? and weights of 30-70 lbs. With an IBO of 325 fps at 29? and 70 lbs. it’s got some speed under the belt. The brace height is fairly short at 6?, but is mostly aimed at the shorter draw lengths where and shorter brace height is more acceptable. Available colors are black with pink or teal highlights/limb graphics as well as camouflage.

The Monster series has been updated to include the Monster 7.0 with a 7″ brace height while maintaining an IBO rating of 342 fps. Otherwise it is the same as the it’s predecessors which are both still available for 2010.

Last but not least, the DR2 has entered the Mathews 2010 line at over $100 cheaper than any of the other flagship bows and should appeal to anyone looking for that famous SoloCam experience at a better price point. The DR2 appears in specs and looks as something similar to a cross between a Drenalin and a Reezin. With an ATA of 33″ and a brace height of 7″, the DR2 sports and IBO rating of 320 fps and a base weight of 3.82 lbs.

Reviews and information

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