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For 2010 Hoyt introduced several new bows and pushed the envelope with an all-carbon riser. There is also a new speed bow in the lineup, an update to the very popular AlphaMax and a new bow geared for the ladies. Sadly the Ultra Elite has been retired; can it’s replacement live up to the name?

The Carbon Matrix is Hoyt’s “showboat” bow for 2010 and features an all carbon riser. There are three main tubes that are hollow and make use of the same O Tech technology that Prince uses in it’s tennis rackets. With an ATA of 35″ and a mass of 3.8 lbs, the Carbon Matrix is one of the lightest bows on the market. A relatively forgiving brace height of 7 1/4″ and the new XTR Cam and 1/2 result in an IBO rating of 318 fps. While by no means a barn-burner, the Carbon Matrix is a smooth shooting, technologically advanced bow that will surely lead to a future of more carbon fiber based bows. The MSRP is $1599, so this is not a bow that’s easy on the pocket book, however early reports indicate that it is selling well and Hoyt is rumored to be bumping up the production quantities to meet the demand.

Last year’s AlphaMax was a big hit among archers and was a great seller for Hoyt. This year the AlphaMax is still available, along with an updated version dubbed the Maxxis. There are two versions of the Maxxis, one at an ATA of 31″ and the other at 35″. There are a couple of notable differences between the Maxxis and AlphaMax, most notably the limbs and pockets of the Maxxis give it a pre-stressed limb that goes well beyond parallel at full draw. The other major difference is the use of a new roller guard on the Maxxis. The Maxxis uses the same XTR cams as the Carbon Matrix and has an IBO speed rating of 318 fps for the 35 and 323 for the 31.

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Hoyt fans have been clamoring for a new speed bow and this year they get it will the introduction of the AlphaBurner. To gain more speed the AlphaBurner has a shorter brace height at 6″ and uses the XT2000 plus Spiral X Cam & 1/2 combination. At an IBO rating of 340, the speed freaks should have fun with this bow, especially since a well-tuned Hoyt bow will generally beat the ratings. A few reports even claim they are reaching over 350 fps when properly tuned and setup.

It’s nice to see more bows developed with women specifically in mind and the Vicxen is no exception. With an IBO rating of 306 fps at 29″ and draw lengths down to 23″, the Vicxen is sure to gain many female fans. The bow also sports pink highlights in just enough places to be girly but not enough to detract from the camouflage or blacked out look of the bow.

For many years the Ultra Elite has built a huge following among target and 3D shooters and 2010 brings it’s retirement. While many are mourning its loss (including me!) the Contender and Contender Elite have been introduced as the Ultra’s successors. The Contender Series is available with both the XT2000 and XT3000 limbs and a choice of the Cam & 1/2 or the Spiral X cams. These bows range in ATA from 38 1/8″ to 42 3/4″, brace height 6 5/8″ to 7 3/8″ depending on the configuration and have an IBO rating of up to 315 fps. These are sure to be the bows of choice for many of the top FITA and spot shooters.

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