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For 2016 Bowtech has introduced the BTX, a 31" ATA bow.  The bow comes with two cam options that translate to two draw length ranges, 25.5-28" and 27-31".  It is rated at 333 FPS IBO for the shorter draw lengths and 350 FPS for the longer.  The new cam features and all new Micro-Sync dial, allowing [...]

Mathews 2016 bow lineup introduces the new Halon line.  These bows follow in the Monsters series with two cams and an new riser design.  Also introduced was a new No Cam bow, the HTX.

Hoyt has released a new series of carbon bows for 2106, the Carbon Defiant.   The Carbon Spyder series gets an update with a 28" ATA and long draw versions.  There is also an aluminum version of the Defiant and the PowerMax series. For their target series, Hoyt has introduced the new HyperEdge Elite.

Here is a video that Vanessa Lee posted on Facebook of her practice before the Arizona Cup. The video is taken with a GoPro mounted on her head. What makes this video really neat is the first shot. Watch the bowstring very closely and you can see how much the string deforms right at the shot!

Last year Rage introduced the solid-steel ferrule Hypodermic expandable broadhead in 100 grains and has now released the 125 grain version. Modeled after the very popular Rage broadhead, the Hypodermic brings more strength to the line by replacing the aluminum ferrule with the much stronger steel.

Cameron takes a couple of 160 yard shots at balloons and nails them. Pretty impressive! Also try to figure out how he does the blindfold, no-look 20 yard shot.

There is a new article up on about how to properly, and safely, adjust the draw weight of a compound bow. This may seem like a simple thing, but many people either do not know how to do it or do not know how to do it properly. Get to the basics with this article!

Bowtech has released the RPM 360 and the Carbon Overdrive along with the previously announced Carbon Knight and Carbon Rose. The future looks to be full of carbon for Bowtech!

2014 Bear Archery

Bear is one of the most well known names in archery history and they are mounting a strong comeback to the forefront of the market. Check out their new bow that continue to make Bear a respected name in archery.

2014 Mathews

The new Mathews 2014 bows are out! For 2014 Mathews has taken two of last year's bows and stretched one out while shortening the other. The Creed XS is shorter by two inches than the Creed and slightly slower. The new Chill R is two and half inches longer than it's predecessor and rated at 9 FPS faster.

2014 Prime

For 2014 Prime has added one new bow to their lineup, the Alloy. The Alloy's riser design is something of departure from Prime's other riser designs. Gone is the big oval cutout near the limb pockets as well as the many oval-like cutouts. Also new is the flexing roller guard that features a post similar to the previous I-Glide flex, but with rollers.

2014 PSE Archery

As usual, for 2014 PSE is pushing the speed limits again with the all new Full Throttle bow that clocks in at 370 FPS. They have also introduced several other new bows including the Source, Premonition and Verge.

2014 Hoyt Archery

Gone are the Carbon Element/Matrix bows and new to the line is the Carbon Spyder series. Unlike the previous year with two versions of the carbon bow, this year introduces four bows, with 30 and 34 versions at 6 3/4" brace height, a speedier Carbon Spyder Turbo and long draw Carbon Spyder LD. Complimenting the carbon bows are mirrors in aluminum, the Faktor bows.

2014 Elite Archery

Elite Archery has an almost completely new line of bows for 2014, saving only the Tour from last year's lineup. New to the line are the Energy 32 and 35 and the Spirit (Women's bow)

This page is dedicated to all the new 2014 bows. Come in and check out what everyone is offering this year!